2017 Has Been A Monumental Winter in Truckee


We thought nothing could beat January's storms and historic winter moments... then came Fierce February. Mother Nature has been strutting her stuff in the Truckee Tahoe region with power (including outages) and determination to make a mark. Some say they remember this in the 1950s, others say it's been 45 years. Whatever your measure of time, this is truly a rare moment in history and certainly the largest winter we have had in the 21st century. With most resorts recording over 500 inches--7 feet in the last week alone--the forecast continues to predict more wet days ahead.

Photo via Truckee Chamber of Commerce

Photo via Truckee Chamber of Commerce

In addition to the environmental impact, there have been a lot of local tragedies, losing lives to fallen trees, avalanches, ski and car accidents. Emmanuelle Delavoye from Tahoe City was killed by a fallen tree while driving on Hwy 89 in January and days later Squaw lost a cherished member of the ski patrol, Joe Zuiches. Just a couple days ago on Feb 23, a skier from Connecticut died from a tree well accident. These tragedies no doubt hit our community hard and remind us how interconnected we are and how quickly our climate and lifestyle can intervene.

Kane and I are often muttering some "words" under our breath and taking deep sighs each time we get that phone call at 6AM that it's ANOTHER snow day. We have had our fair share of frustrations when the power goes out (again) and our meetings and events are cancelled or rescheduled (again). That being said, there are many moments to say "thank you" between storms when the snowflakes are sparkling under the morning sun, sore muscles from shoveling cancel the need for a gym membership, and the fresh tracks for backcountry skiers seem endless.

We are officially out of a drought in our area, so much so that Lake Tahoe might need to release water this summer if we surpass the legal limit (established in 1940). We have our health, we have abundance in our clients and colleagues and our families, cabin fever and all are with us. Life is GOOD. Thank you to those who have been so accommodating over these past two months. This community has powerfully worked as a team to support and minimize the impact that this season could have had if we worked isolated in our struggles. As if you needed another reason to call Truckee/Lake Tahoe home, or home away from home!

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