April 2019 Update from Truckee, California


In my experience, when life shifts from one end of the spectrum to the next, it brings a deeper level of awareness and contentment. Because of how intense this winter was with snow, weather, and dreary days, it seems as if we appreciate the shift into the sunny, warm days of spring even more than during a normal year. The deep and rich enjoyment that we’ve been getting from the sunshine and warmer days has made many people seem giddy, and, honestly, their enthusiasm is contagious. What a great time of the year to be in Truckee!

There are a few other examples of this dramatic shift that seem to be affecting the folks of Truckee in the best way. One is moving from heavier winter foods to lighter summer produce. Root vegetables and heavy grains are so nice during those dark, winter evenings but now that the days are longer and the temperatures warmer, the replacement of light fruits and veggies is so welcome. Another telltale sign that winter is behind us is that the smell of smoke from wood stoves has transitioned to backyard grills and summer BBQs.  

Skis for bikes, sweet potatoes for strawberries, white powder for green grass, darkness for light—these are all elements of contrast and change in our seasons that create the natural balance so many of us live for.  In a few months, we will be hot, dusty, and dreaming of snow and cooler temps, but for now the bliss is palpable as our community turns the page to spring.

Next month you will hear from Jessica (the J in KJM) as I step out for a bit to enjoy some time with my new baby who’s due later this week. Enjoy the changes in the season and the beauty that is so abundant where we live. May spring bring you a new perspective and guide you towards the elements that make mountain living so special.