March 2019 Update from Truckee, California


April showers bring May flowers?  Slim chance for many of our Truckee Tahoe neighborhoods this year.  With Wednesday’s snowstorm and more weather in the forecast, Mother Nature is sending a message loud and clear that spring has different ideas on timing this year.  Recent storms are bringing higher temps and rain showers and with that wet sloppy snow. For homes with high levels of snow accumulated on decks and roofs, we are witnessing damage to many properties. Working with our local resources from roofers to shovelers to glass companies has been a great reminder of how much our relationships and collaborative spirit matter in times like this. If you need anything checked at your Truckee home or require a reference for repairs, please let us know so we can help.  

Typically the months of June and July bring new listings to the market.  This year we anticipate a slight shift both in numbers and timing of inventory.  We believe there will be a wave of listings hitting the market earlier than normal in the next 30-90 days so keep an eye out on our social media sites and webpage for up-to-date listings including our two new listings (Lausanne Way & Rhineland Avenue)  that went live today.  Buyers have been patient for many months, watching and waiting, and although there will be more to choose from in the coming months, the pent up demand will keep the market moving swiftly—assuming properties are priced competitively.  

If you still have it in you, a great perk on the horizon is spring skiing!  Starting April 8th you will be able to ski at select resorts with your 2019/2020 pass. Perfect if you missed out on the epic snow this year, as you now have the opportunity to catch the tail end of the season, which may go as late as July.  

One thing’s for sure, there is no better way to see smiles spread throughout this community than days when the sun comes out!  We live at high elevation for a reason, and love snow and winter, but after a season like this we all seem to be welcoming the idea of warmer weather when we can put away our down jackets and sorels in exchange for t-shirts and sandals!


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