Interview with Cornerstone Bakery


The reason why downtown Truckee is so special and intriguing to many is the history and the quaint, neighborly feel that only a small town could authenticate. Another reason why it’s so special are the incredible businesses and business owners who add character, culture, and incredible food. One of the newest additions is Cornerstone Bakery, owned by Jenny Smart. “I have the privilege to run a business in a historical building,” states Smart. “Downtown Truckee has so much lovely character that I’m happy to be a part of.” Cornerstone Bakery specializes in crafting delicious breakfast pastries, confections, and special order cakes and wedding desserts from scratch, right in their shop on West River Street. Smart’s masterpiece: “our variety of croissants, [which are] made with European style butter and baked fresh daily.”  Everything Smart sells is real food made with real butter, fresh eggs, and fresh fruit. “Nothing is coming out of a bucket or a mix,” explains Smart.

Smart’s entire career has circled around baking, with her most recent experience as Martis Camp Club’s Pastry Chef. Throughout the years, her passion hasn’t dwindled. She keeps herself busy perfecting the endlessly imperfect handmade treats. She says, “the thing that inspires me every day is the pursuit of perfection.” While we’d be more than happy munching on the imperfect pasties, she ensures that “every recipe that we use has been tested and tweaked and nothing but the best makes it to our bakery case.” She even workshopped her croissant recipe for “over 3 months before I felt like I had something truly extraordinary.”

It’s no wonder why Smart took the leap to open up her own bakery and downtown Truckee seemed like the perfect place. “With all that downtown Truckee offers, I felt like it was missing a place that offered amazing bakery items,” she says. “I wanted to build a bakery that not only was a great stop for a morning coffee and a treat, but one that could create wonderful traditions with our food that we make—from cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, to fabulous chocolate Easter bunnies.” Smart’s vision is the humble, small town attitude that makes downtown and the rest of Truckee special. We’re coming up on the bakery’s one year anniversary and we’re looking forward to many more.


Fill your pastry and special dessert needs at their downtown Truckee location or say hello online on Instagram and Facebook.


Quick Fire

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe?

I live biking in the summer. I try to go around Donner Lake at least once a week. Also visiting the beaches, speedboat beach is my favorite.


Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Relax? No time for that. But, I do love spending any downtime I have with my two daughters, usually hanging out at the house or park.


Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

With two little kids we are all about casual. Best Pies is a good go to for us. I love the bar at cottonwood though. Good for a chill drink and snacks. In the summer I love going to PJs and eating on the patio. Great food and drinks and the kids run around in the grassy area.


Snow bum or beach bum?

Beach bum


Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

At work!! Ovens are cranking on Sunday mornings :)


What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?

Not too big on social media—I’m still learning! I actually don’t have any personal IG or FB accounts, just for the bakery.


Truckee and North Tahoe are growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

I’m excited for the rail yard project.