Featured Non-Profit: Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe

Our pets are special to us; very special. Not possessions. They are family members. Most of us who have pets know how to look after them quite well. And we know there are other dedicated people out there looking after the welfare of all of our animal friends. There are those who take in strays, or abandoned animals, and who help reduce the suffering of animals that were perhaps neglected. Maybe you or a family member has visited such an organization?

One we love – and it’s local – is our Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe. They do exceptional good. Our very own dog, River, was adopted from their shelter.  His contribution to our family has been immeasurable.  In addition to reintroducing you to them, we’ll also give you ways you can help. They can always use donations, or volunteers

In terms of background, the Society was founded in 1994. They’re “dedicated to saving and improving the lives of pets through adoption, community spay/neuter and humane education programs.” This a group of committed, passionate volunteers who have led the way in animal rescue and adoption. They’ve grown to the point where they’re now a nationally acknowledged organization. The Board consists of business professionals who bring their full skill sets and expertise to this worthy cause. In addition to the Board, there are several staffers helping to better the lives of animals.

You might be surprised at the range of activities of the Society, which includes:

  • A low-cost Community Spay and Neuter They do this in conjunction with local vets, and the Town of Truckee Animal Control.
  • Specific spay and neutering, free of charge, for our community Pitbulls and Chihuahuas.
  • The fostering of interactive Pet Assisted Therapy, by taking animals to Tahoe Forest Hospital, schools, and Tahoe Safe Alliance.
  • Dog training. Through their Savvy Dog Training & Education program (at the shelter), they offer training to “facilitate successful dog ownership” and successful adoptions.
  • Pet Pantry. A program for the distribution of free pet food and supplies to families in need.

They call their work and mission a “lifesaving effort.” In many instances, that is not an exaggeration. And they’d love for you to get involved. There are many ways to do so…

One way to help very tangibly is to become a member. You can do this for as little as $35. The link will take you directly the right page! Your rewards are their rewards: to save more pets. The first half of this year has seen the number of pet adoptions double. These sentient and feeling animals, these friends of ours, are increasingly going to good homes, and being saved from euthanasia. Your donation and commitment may make the difference in an animal being able to wait long enough to be adopted by a loving family.

Another tangible way you can help is by visiting the Society’s wishlist on the Gooddler website. Order cat or dog food, or toys or grooming aids, and you’ll help pay for the Society’s Pet Socialization Program. Items are delivered directly to the shelter, helping animals right away. You walk away feeling good, plus you’ll have a tax receipt in hand. There’s a separate (but connected) page for Gooddler shelter pets wishlist. Visit this page to read why what you buy is important, and to find links to donate, adopt, or volunteer. Finally, there’s a way to feed your pooch or kitty in a healthy way, and assist the Society: it’s called the Kibble into Cash Program. You can visit this Web page for more details. In short: you’ll be provided with a link to Nature’s Select website, be given a special coupon code, and be able to order food for your cat or dog. It’s delivered free. And you help the good folks at the Society by ordering pet food in this way.

The Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe consists of helping hands who want to do proud for our temporarily homeless animal friends. As you can see, they help in many concrete and important ways. And they have just as many ways to let you help as well.