How to Get in Shape for Ski Season

Truckee ski training

Snowboarding and skiing is right around the corner, which means it is time to get in shape. Allowing your body to be prepared for the snow will allow you to enjoy your time on the hill even more. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than leaving a powder day two runs in because your legs hurt. There is also nothing less safe than pushing your muscles to exhaustion while on the hill. Your body becomes slower to respond and has more chance of getting hurt. 

So, what is the best way to get in shape for the snow season? Paul Beard, from Alltracks Academy says that skiing and snowboarding require both strength and flexibility and the sports are comparable to biking and running in terms of muscle and stamina use. Skiing and snowboarding use both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, meaning that you need all day stamina and short sprint stamina. Beard suggests exercising using both high-intensity training and longer, more sustained cardio workouts. “Anything that gets you out of breath will be strengthening your heart,” he says, suggesting that sports like running, cycling, and swimming are all great ways to get you out of breath. 


The muscles you use the most while skiing or boarding are your legs (especially hamstrings and quads) and your core. Your muscles need to be more than just jacked, though, they need flexibility and balance. Workouts like squats and lunches are obvious ways to get ready to ski, but exercises like deadlifts and yoga will fully condition your muscles for the slopes. 

A well balanced regime of sprints and long distance cardio, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance workouts will insure that your time spent on the hill is all gain and no pain. 

Some of our favorite Truckee ski training classes include:

The Bar Effect

Bar classes offer a unique kind of ski training.  Many Bar exercises mimic the muscle work in skiing unlike traditional leg exercises such as lunges and squats.  Not only are you training the quads with isometric holds, key to a successful ski day, but performing the exercise up on the ball of the foot mimics the positioning of weight distribution in downhill skiing.


Performance Training Center

Performance Training Center offers a magnitude of strength and cardio classes designed to get you where you want to be for the winter season. In their calendar, look for the classes tag with *WSC, for all winter sports conditioning classes. Work in theses classes will focus on the lower half (booty and legs), core, and conditioning to help you burn fat ahead of the winter months.


Trout Creek at Tahoe Donner

Paired with an impeccable gym, Trout Creek at Tahoe Donner offers Yoga for Skiing and a quick 30 minute Strength and Core class. Don't forget to hit up the heated outdoor pool and sauna after your class. Tahoe Donner is a member only amenity but guests of members are welcome. 

We live for springtime lap swims in this 80 degree pool. Only in #TahoeDonner!

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