Interview with Alpen Tree Experts


“Running a business in Truckee allows me to call Truckee my home.”

Truckee wouldn’t be the same without the sweet, earthy smell of pine trees in the summer. When you own a house, or live in Truckee, your backyard becomes is filled with this lovely smell of pines…however, it also means that you must maintain the areas around your house. We wouldn’t trust anyone else but Alpen Tree Experts to help us with this maintenance. The company, founded and run by Ryan Kramer, can help you with everything from defensible space and tree pruning to tree removal and stump grinding with a combination of highly trained employees and the most up to date equipment. We had the opportunity to speak with Kramer to understand why Alpen Tree Experts is the best in the biz.

Kramer and son enjoying a beautiful day in Tahoe!

Kramer and son enjoying a beautiful day in Tahoe!

Kramer is undoubtedly passionate about two things: Truckee and trees. He moved to the area nearly 20 years ago. After a brief period away, he missed it like crazy and knew Tahoe had to be his home. “There's no place I'd rather be,” he explains. When he returned, he dove into the tree business and co-founded Cease Fire, the predecessor to Alpen Tree Experts. After massive success with the company, Kramer purchased his partner’s share of the business and transformed Cease Fire into a full-service tree company, or, as we know it today, Alpen Tree Experts.

Kramer’s success was probably due to his dedication and passion to tree work throughout his life. Growing up in New Hampshire, Kramer “has always loved trees and nature since my earliest memories.” After studying Environmental Science at the University of Maine and working summers on the Sugarloaf Trail Crew, his knowledge of trees began to form. “To this day, I remain obsessed with continuously educating myself to be the best in the business,” he says. His continued excitement for tree work, drive for knowledge, and continued learning are what makes Alpen Tree Experts stand out from the rest. “Each one of our jobs has our signature on it,” he starts. “I want every one of my clients to be happy with the service we provide and feel like we met or exceeded their expectations.” 


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Quick Fire

 What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe and where do you go to do this?

I love mountain biking and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.


Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Deep in the woods where no one can find me.


Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

50/50 and Pianetta


Ski Bum or Beach Bum?

Snow bum


Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Sleeping in the woods somewhere


Truckee is growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

I have more concerns than things I'm excited about. Such as affordable housing and Truckee's lack of commercially zoned land where businesses like mine can park their fleet of vehicles and equipment.