Interview with Bespoke Truckee

“We love Truckee, we love what we do here, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!”

“We love Truckee, we love what we do here, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!”

One of the things that makes Truckee so special is the community of local artists. Their stunning and labored work brings excitement to the annual Truckee Thursdays Street Fair and, honestly, adorns our homes with mementos of the mountains and adventures we love. The local art scene would surely not be the same without Bespoke. We were able to catch some time out the owners Heather River & Brian Hess’ busy schedule to find out a little bit more about their awesome shop.

Bespoke was not the couple’s first retail venture and is not their only now. “We have always been advocates for artists,” says River, “both Brian and I have spent the majority of our lives practicing an art form.” In fact, River opened her first shop in Sonoma County when she was just 16-year-old! Hess started his passion for art at a young age as well, picking up seemingly any instrument he could get ahold of. Once the couple moved to Truckee, they have striven to cultivate a vibrant arts community. In fact, the artistic couple currently own two other businesses in Truckee, Atelier and Brian Hess Music.


Bespoke is a vision of the community they wanted to foster within Truckee. “Legitimizing the importance of art in our world, truly lies behind our inspiration to open Bespoke,” says River. The shop is a delightful hodgepodge of unique gifts, jewelry, handmade goods, and home goods. “Bespoke brings our local community the ability to see, touch and ultimately take home pieces of everyday art,” explains the couple. And art it really is. The shop collects items that are “made where [they are] designed. From individuals and small artisan companies, [to] age old classics from heritage companies in the US and abroad.”

When perusing the shelves at Bespoke, one can feel the effort put behind each product. “Everything is our shop has a story: we like our customers to be able to see and understand what went into each item,” says River. “Whether it’s a ceramic mug from a local potter, or a wool throw from an American Classic Brand, we believe each item has a story to tell, and we are here to facilitate that story.”


Quick Fire

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee?

Honestly this place is just magic, and we love everything about Donner Lake, climbing on the Summit, skipping rocks on the River, biking the Legacy Trail... the list goes on!


Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?



Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

Trokay. Gastronomy at its finest!


Snow bum or beach bum?

Snow bum

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Working in Bespoke


What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?



Truckee is growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

We are excited to see new faces, enjoy new experiences, and be a part of the growth!


Find Bespoke in person at their Downtown Truckee location (at the corner of Donner Pass Road and Spring Street) or online on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.