Local Truckee Coffee Roasters: Drink Coffee Do Stuff


Extraordinary coffee leads to an extraordinary life…at least that’s the motto at local coffee roasters, Drink Coffee Do Stuff. Founder and owner Nick Visconti was inspired to recreate for Truckee his routine he enjoyed while traveling the world as a professional snowboarder: drinking amazing coffee while getting amped-up to ride incredible mountains. “After visiting every continent and [enjoying] coffee and chairlifts in most major mountain ranges, I wanted to provide the ‘drink coffee, do stuff’ experience to the people and place I care most about: home,” says Visconti.


Drink Coffee Do Stuff (DCDS) is special because of Visconti’s great knowledge and impeccable taste, as well as the natural climate of Truckee. “[Extraordinary coffee] begins with extraordinary sourcing and roasting at 6,000ft here in Truckee,” explains Visconti. “Roasting here [allows the beans to] begin caramelizing sugars earlier in the roasting process due to the lack of atmospheric pressure, allowing us to retain nearly 15% more natural sweetness in all our coffees.”

DCDS is also unique in the community because of their epic vision. “I became fascinated, then obsessed with how European coffee culture was embedded into outdoor active lifestyle,” says Visconti. When creating DCDS, Visconti wanted the company to encourage drinkers to incorporate the bounty of outdoor activity into their daily routine…just like a morning cup of coffee already is for a lot of people. “We care just as much what goes into your cup as what happens after... whether you're off to the office or your next alpine adventure.”


Visconti says that one of the best parts of running a business in Truckee is the community support and constant inspiration from “Truckee's renaissance of new entrepreneurial spirit.” And Truckee’s renaissance wouldn’t be the same without DCDS’s contribution. The company supports other local businesses through marketing and partnerships, as well as hosting monthly community events at the roastery. But mostly, they inspire us to get up, get out there, and enjoy life’s daily adventures. After all, “it is our aim to fuel our communities outdoor adventures, so the next time you’re hopping on a trail or a chairlift, it's likely we'll be out there handing lil warm cups of caffeine to keep you killing it.”  


Visit the Drink Coffee Do Stuff Roastery in the Airport District at 12177 Business Park Dr STE 8 or online at Facebook and Instagram.


Quick Fire

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe?

Snowboarding at Squaw.


Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Martis Valley Trail System


Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

Truckee Brewing and Truckee Tavern.


Snow bum or beach bum?

Snow bum


Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Town Church Truckee


What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?