Interview with Zenergy Massage and Wellness


 If there is one resolution we want to keep in 2019, it’s self-care. And if there is one business in Truckee that will help us keep this resolution, it’s Zenergy Massage and Wellness. The studio has “created a relaxing and therapeutic approach to healing” by customizing massage styles to fit the individual client. By mixing popular massage styles, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massages, you’ll be guaranteed to work out the day’s stresses. We had the pleasure of speaking with co-owner, founder, and President, Amber DeFazio to see what makes her studio such an outstanding part of Truckee.

Co-owner, founder, and President, Amber DeFazio.

Co-owner, founder, and President, Amber DeFazio.

Unlike most businesses, DeFazio started Zenergy with the therapists’ needs in mind, alongside the clients’. She was inspired to start Zenergy because, “I wanted to create an environment that nurtured the therapists as much as the client. Pay is fair, vacations are encouraged, and problems are solved with healthy communication.” Keeping the therapists’ needs met, the clients receive nothing but the best care from people who really do care. “It is a truly healthy work environment,” she explains, “which allows our exceptional therapists to focus and heal our community at a higher level.”

As much as DeFazio and co-owner James Hainsworth were inspired to create “a healthy and nurturing environment for [the] best massage therapists,” they were fueled by the Truckee community. “From day one I have felt completely supported by this community,” says DeFazio. The pair truly understands what Truckee natives live for and what wellness needs they have. “We are able to help our clientele continue to live their active lifestyles,” Defazio says. One client that has been battling years of physical therapy says, “Immediately, in my first session, [Brittdget] found a clear communication channel with my body and has helped facilitate so much peace and healing for me this summer, it’s almost baffling.”

The Zenergy team and their hard-working hands.

The Zenergy team and their hard-working hands.

We will choose Zenergy time and time again because we believe that the therapists, Hainsworth, and DeFazio have our best interests in mind. Living in Truckee full-time means that we are out on the trails, slopes, and lakes as much as possible. Zenergy makes our active lives possible and allows us to give it our all every single day. “We provide the best massage available and create the most relaxing and therapeutic experience possible,” DeFazio says. “We really take pride in knowing that we are providing a service that improves so many lives.”


What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe?

Amber: Skiing, snowboarding at Sugar Bowl, Paddle boarding on the east shore of Lake Tahoe and backpacking in the eastern Sierras.

James: Skiing now. Sugar bowl and in the backcountry. Mountain Biking and climbing in the summer.

Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Amber: East shore of Lake Tahoe

James: Donner lake is the summer is pretty sweet.

Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

Amber: Pianeta

James: Maki Ali - the sushi is fantastic

Ski bum or beach bum?

Amber: Beach bum

James: Snow bum

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Amber: Drinking Tea and planning my next adventure.

James: At the ski hill

What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?

Amber: @tahoenorth

Truckee is growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

Amber: I'm a people person. I'm excited to collaborate and be inspired by our growing community.

James: Climbing gym. New great restaurants. Addition to fun downtown.

Find Zenergy in person at their Donner Pass location near Front Street Pizza or online at their website , Facebook, and Instagram.