August 2019 Update from Truckee

Feel the burn!  It’s hot outside and with all the crowds last weekend, it seems Truckee and Tahoe are the cooler temp sanctuary for our friends at lower elevations.  There’s no greater time to appreciate our local water sources than July and August. Someone recently asked me what my favorite summer activity is and as I thought about the things I love to do, the one that came to mind was “WATER!”  

Summer means busy season in the real estate industry (stay in the loop on open houses by following us on Facebook!). There’s no better way to start or end the long, busy days at KJM than by jumping in the water.  Yesterday evening my family landed on the shores of Stampede Reservoir, a favorite spot for ski boats and jet skis. This location is spacious with plenty of room to spread (and park!) and the surrounding mountains and forests lend a feeling of mountain lake more than man-made reservoir.   Because we live on the east side of town, Boca, Stampede and Prosser are all great options with easy access.

The Truckee River is another respite at the top of everyone’s must-enjoy water list. The Tahoe City rafting companies, that raft people from Tahoe City to River Ranch, had a late start but finally opened for the summer last week.  Beyond this popular and leisurely option, there are plenty of private rafting options for rafts and kayaks. Although I haven’t done it yet, my 2019 bucket list includes a guided whitewater rafting trip for the 7 mile stretch on the lower Truckee from Hirschdale towards the Nevada line.  If not ON the water, there’s no better place to enjoy yourself next to the water on the shores of the Truckee River as the day passes and the sound of the rushing water relaxes the mind and body. Growing up in downtown Truckee on the river certainly fueled a love for this specific sanctuary that connects Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake. 

For quieter days, Lake Mary and Long Lake are a couple favorite spots on Donner Summit.  These lakes are quiet and pristine, plus driving the scenic route from Truckee to get there can’t be beat.  Starting the drive up Hwy 40 over Rainbow Bridge, you can’t help but feel inspired to partake in all forms of recreating on the summit; like road biking Donner Lake to Cisco Grove, climbing the rocks surrounding the famous train tunnels, and hiking the 13.9 section of the Pacific Crest Trail from Donner Summit to Squaw Valley.  

Keep it classic by enjoying Donner Lake’s public docks and Lake Tahoe’s epic public beaches and the range of activities they provide, like beautiful hikes to the secluded, small beaches on Tahoe’s East Shore or the fun, free local concerts on the North and West Shores. In Truckee and North Lake Tahoe, you can spend the summer enjoying a different body of water or shoreline each day of the summer without repeat. Now that’s a good summer!