Keeping Your Truckee Home Secure


We always have a hard time leaving Truckee but it's even harder when we don’t feel like our homes are secure. The feeling of being so far away from your home can be stressful! Even though Truckee is filled with an amazing and honest community, there are many possibilities of breached security during an absence. And because we live in the mountains, there are always opportunities for hungry animals or unexpected weather to create damage. Don’t spend your vacation worrying about your home! We gathered some helpful tools to protect your home and secure your piece of mind.


Burglars and Theft  

Create an Illusion: One way to add security is to give the illusion that someone is still home. You can do this easily by putting prominent lights on a timer. Another simple allusion is the wireless deadbolt. This will allow you to unlock and lock the door from your cell phone. It’s even helpful when you’re in town or if you run a vacation rental because you can allow in maintenance workers or guests when you’re running around town.

Surveillance: A very simple and free security measure is your neighbors! Get to know the friendly faces around you and exchange numbers. Before going out of town or leaving for the season, let them know. If they see something out of the ordinary, they’ll be the first to know. A step above that is video surveillance and alarm systems. SafeWise recommends five different companies in the area for home security systems. Find them here

Nature and Wildlife

black bear truckee

Check the Weather: If you leave the house during winter, watch out for large storms and check in online to see how your neighbors and community has been affected by the storm. If it’s anything like the 2016/17 winter, you can try to stay on top of damage before summertime. Even if you leave your house in the spring, summer, or fall, random lightning storms and flooding can be an issue. If you are gone for entire seasons at a time, a property manager is a big help in mitigating these issues.

Clean Sweep: Wildlife is one of our biggest fears when we’re away from home! Hungry bears know how to break into houses. Unfortunately, no matter if you leave all food and trash stashed away properly, bears may still be attracted to good scents in your house. It is essential to clean thoroughly before you leave, including: take out the trash, store food properly or remove it completely from the house, sweep crumbs, clean BBQs and area around BBQs, and shut and lock all windows and doors. If you are gone for long periods of time, you might consider electric fences. You can secure your entire perimeter with an electric fence or use electric bungees in high traffic areas (doors, windows, crawl spaces, deck entrances, etc.). Many local companies can help with this. Finally, you should read the official Bear Safety guide from the Bear League. Find it here