KJM's October 2017 Update

This week I'm reminded just how significant relationships are, especially in a small community such as ours. Last winter's impact continues to affect our area. Sub contractors and service companies are still backlogged from the heavy snow load of last season and scheduling a roofer or someone to cut down a fallen tree may feel impossible. In our climate, homes age, driveways crack, and paint peels at a more rapid rate. On top of that, our building and exterior maintenance season is shorter with a few months to tackle the damage from heavy snow, harsh winds, and low temps. Just this week we had clients in desperate need of service before snowfall. In the process of working to get subs lined up, I was reminded how lucky we are to have the relationships and connections across various industries. If you want to start the process yourself, be sure to read our winter prep checklist for tips.

winter prep checklist

Though not everyone can move mountains and make the impossible possible, the collaboration this area offers in the process is evident. I had service reps look in their contacts for competitors who may be able to assist in a shorter timeframe. I also had contractors and assistants who made a point to call me back, even when they couldn't fit me in, just for the sake of letting me know they had received my message. Growing up in the real estate industry, my parents always taught me the importance of kindness and respect in relationships, especially within the community. With each call I made this week, the interdependence of community became more apparent. At KJM, one of the things we offer beyond a transaction is the support in finding a solid referral for any given job. If you need a reference or assistance making calls, let us know. It takes a village.

Shack in the Aspens 4.jpg

Personally, getting someone to tag and remove dead aspens that were infected by insects will have to wait while I opt to get outside on the fall trails. If you feel isolated in some of the delays or postponements, trust that everyone is working hard to catch up and get on track for another beautiful winter in the mountains. Sometimes just the acknowledgement of the stress this time of year can bring the spirit of relational cooperation back to the table.

- Megan, KJM Team