November 2018 Update from Truckee, CA


With no snow on the ground and a clear forecast ahead, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails in Truckee. Whether on foot or on a bike, now is the time to take advantage of the solitude you will find on the otherwise populated trails. Although most of the leaves have dropped in town, there is still an abundance of color at higher elevations. The oranges and yellows make the hillsides pop with color and create endless photo ops.

Truckee in Fall

There are some other fun ways to enjoy this season. My favorite this month has been accessing and enjoying the extra shorelines of the local reservoirs. With the water levels low, there are hundreds of yards of shoreline. Last week we drove our car down to the shores of Boca. While we grilled with our camping stove, the dogs swam and the kids sought out treasure that was underwater just a month ago. From tennis balls to sunglasses, it’s a kid’s dream to wander around and seek out lost booty.

apple hill

Another fun activity is Apple Hill located near Placerville. If you hit it right, you can stop by Taylor Creek near South Lake Tahoe on your way and watch the Kokanee salmon spawning. Whether seeking apples or pumpkins, Apple Hill is a fun place for the whole family (including dogs). Beautiful vistas, family owned farms and delicious fall treats make for a day trip worth taking. Our family favorite are the apple donuts at Rainbow Orchards and the “pick your own” orchards. The only challenge is finding enough ways to use all that you pick! If you missed the fall season, there is another opportunity coming up with their Christmas tree farms.

For details on some of our favorite fall hikes, check out our blog post by clicking here.