October Update From Truckee, CA


One thing you can count on in the fall season is “crunch time”. The looming deadlines brought forth by winter are inevitable. Each year there is an abundance of projects to accomplish before the summer subcontractors sign off or move inside and tractors are traded for plows.

On the larger scale we see this everywhere from residential builds to Caltrans road work. This year in addition to the normal rush, there are some big projects underway which you may have noticed. The new CHP building across from the recreation and aquatic center is taking shape and just south towards downtown there is infrastructure preparation for a hotel that should be making vertical progress in the coming months. One of the most obvious changes can be found in the heart of Truckee where The Truckee Railyard Project is underway. With a new roundabout, sidewalks and road, there is a very different feel entering and exiting our vibrant Downtown Truckee. What has been in the works for this development for over a decade is finally coming to life—it’s an exciting time to see our town expand and flourish! Truckee High School just completed its West Wing addition and Truckee Elementary is well underway with the new building which will expand the classroom space, provide a new library and technology center and update the existing structure, which is mostly original from when Kane and I attended!

IMG_8740copy copy.jpg

Bringing it to the smaller, more personal scale, many are busy splitting and stacking firewood, ordering new snow tires and getting chimneys swept and outdoor furniture put away. It never fully hits home until that first moisture drops-needless to say this week’s rain has many considering what’s left unchecked on their to-do list.

At KJM we are excited for all of it. Beyond the “chores” there are other seasonal activities such as the purchase of season ski passes. We will have a blog out this month explaining some of the new options available such as the Epic and Ikon bundle passes.

Whatever your free time is full of, enjoy the promise of a new season on the horizon. We are always here for recommendations for any of your local needs.

-Megan, KJM