October 2019 Update from Truckee

Photo courtesy of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Photo courtesy of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

September can sometimes be a sleepy month, where life assumes more structure after the mania of summer.  Schools are back in session, daylight shortens, boxes are checked for winter preparation, and things slow down as we enter darker, cooler days.  This month seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye.  

For me, this fall season comes with layers of nostalgia.  It is my oldest son’s first year of playing football, a sport that comes with a lot of passion and enthusiasm in this big little town (go Wolverines!).  It seems like yesterday that I was in the bleachers watching as a peer, not a parent. I’m constantly reminded of the passing of time--so much looks and feels the same yet our town and the people in it are growing and evolving.  

This week, football practice started in the heat of the afternoon and ended with the sun behind the horizon and temps a good 20 degrees cooler. While my oldest son played football, my younger son had a meetup over at one of the town's most popular amenities, the Truckee Bike Park.  Bouncing back from the fields filled with soccer games and football practice to the bike park showed me just how active this community is. When work and school end, play begins. People gather around fields and trails and parks and lakes. We are a community of enthusiasts through and through with a common pursuit of fresh air and the great outdoors.  

Whether time is passing quickly or you are finding the balance to slow things down with ease between seasons, always remember to stop and smell the fresh air and pine trees--then go stack some firewood and get that defensible space clear before the snow falls next month!