RealScout: Our Favorite Real Estate Search Tool

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The list of real estate search tools could go on and on, and with each platform comes more confusion. That’s why we recommend using RealScout. Whether you are searching for a home or listing one, RealScout makes your life simple with a great combination with leading technology and person-to-person communication.

“Simple” and “user-friendly” are two key components consumers want when it comes to mobile applications in today’s technological world. These two components are also what people want when using applications to shop for houses. And while there are a few popular choices for out there house hunters —namely sites like Zillow and Trulia—many times, user-friendly sites don’t carry the same content for real estate agents. Thankfully, RealScout is attempting to give all real estate agents a fighting chance by offering agents a potent tool for their own digital toolbox.

RealScout fills the gaps that systems like Zillow miss—mainly the human element of communication. Zillow (and similar web applications) have become outdated, and don’t always take into account recent information that an agent has at his or her fingertips. “The user experience on now differs from national portals in one critical way: It requires a consumer to choose a real estate agent before allowing the consumer to see IDX [Internet Data Exchange] listings,” says a reporter on Inman. By running the site like this, house hunters and agents alike can benefit from personal insight to narrow down the many options and clutter of online searches.

The proof is in the pudding, and we agree with this fan: “all of my clients are grateful for introducing them to their own RealScout property search accounts and the best part is that the site continues to improve on an almost daily basis.”

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