Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort Makes Major Improvements!

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Are you trying to figure out where to ski this winter? With the plethora of options in the truckee and Lake Tahoe Area, deciding where you will make your turns may be a hard decision. With the numerous improvements Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort is making, we suggest checking out the resort that is home to California’s first chairlift.

After a record-setting winter that resulted in an extended season, Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort has invested $3 million in capital improvements this summer, bringing its two-year investment total to over $6 million. The resort continues to focus on enhancing the guest experience. This season, significant investments were made in snow grooming and snow removal technology, a new kids ski and snowboard school facility, renovations to Nob Hill Cafe, a new partnership with famed San Francisco chef, Traci Des Jardins, and improvements to the Royal Gorge cross-country experience.

“With plentiful snowfall, the support of a passionate community of skiers and snowboarders, and a long-standing commitment of investing profits into projects that will impact the guest experience, our team is driven to operate Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort as a distinctly unique independent resort,” said Greg Dallas, president and CEO of Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort. “We are confident that when owners and guests return to Sugar Bowl this winter, the improvements that have been made will make their stay with us that much more enjoyable.”

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Major investments designed to enhance the ski and snowboard experience include:

Commitment to High Quality Snow Surfaces

To make the most of the tremendous snowfall Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort is known for, the resort has purchased four new snowcats to maintain high quality snow surfaces. Two new winch cats will add to the resort’s fleet, providing cable-assisted snow grooming capabilities that are essential for steep terrain. Two additional snow cats have the capability of free-grooming and sculpting terrain park features.

Making It Easier to Get Here

To build on the existing capabilities of the Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge Resort snow removal fleet and make it easier for skiers and snowboarders to get to the resort following significant weather events, four new machines have been purchased. An extra large snowblower, a medium snowblower designed to navigate tight spaces and around buildings, a highway-sized plow truck with sander, and an extra large front-end loader for pushing and bucketing snow will allow for dedicated equipment to be stationed at Royal Gorge, and will improve maintenance of Old Highway 40.

New Village Kids Ski & Snowboard School

To offer a seamless, convenient experience for the youngest guests and their parents, the historic Schule Haus located at the base of Disney Express, has been renovated to house all kids ski and snowboard school operations and activities in the village. Lessons, equipment rentals, lift tickets and food for kids lesson participants will originate out of the new Village Kids Ski & Snowboard School location. The Village carpet has also been moved, and snowmaking added, to a location just uphill of Village Kids that will allow students to be on the snow and skiing in moments within a dedicated beginner learning area. Sculpted and maintained teaching terrain will enhance the first-time skier and rider experience, while making learning fun, easy and fast.

Sugar Bowl Partners with Famed San Francisco Chef, Traci Des Jardins

Two-time James Beard award-winning chef and renowned San Francisco-based restaurateur, Traci Des Jardins, has joined with Sugar Bowl Resort to serve as a culinary advisor for the resort’s food and beverage program. Des Jardins will assist in the development of new menus for all of the resort’s culinary offerings, including the historic Belt Room Bar, Village Lodge Dining Room, and the Nob Hill Cafe.

Nob Hill Cafe Renovated

In addition to new menus created by Des Jardins, and on the heels of renovations to the Belt Room Bar and Village Lodge Dining Room, the Nob Hill Cafe has been updated with a modern design and fresh color palette. New tables and chairs featuring under-seat storage, and an improved flow of the serving and cashier areas will make the space easier for guests to navigate.

Royal Gorge Improvements

To enhance the experience for cross-country skiers and snowshoers of all ages, significant trail work was completed this summer to remove downed trees and install new culverts designed to divert and drain snowmelt. In addition, a new website will launch November 1 with simple navigation and a responsive design that improves mobile device use. A new custom interactive map that reflects real-time conditions, trail status and signature tour routes has also been developed.