Timeless Home Trends For Your Mountain Home


Home décor is constantly changing and adapting to new tastes; it can be hard to keep up! Fads come and go, but where does that leave you the next season? We, personally, love the nod to timeless pieces like mid-century designs adapted for mountain modern homes. Here are a few not so well known trends that you can easily incorporate into your Truckee home.


#1 Rich Hues

Rich hues and jewel tones, such as deep violet, olive green, charcoal, are great accents to a mountain home. The trend stems from a want of both cozy and bold, livable, statement pieces. This color trend can be used throughout the house, from walls to furniture. What we love most about the trend is the addition of velvet! Add velvet pillows and soft throws to your living room for a touch of something special. Soft, dark-hued ottomans, pillows, and rugs are a good adaptation to the trend that will last with other styles, yet create a bold statement. We also love dark wood furniture paired with this trend: bookcases, desks, and dressers. Ease into the dark furniture by looking for products with dark accents (like dark legs).  

Photo from  Pulte Homes

Photo from Pulte Homes

#2 Prints

Prints are bit harder to keep current. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate the current print trend without a lifelong commitment - just don't use wallpaper! Fully committing to this season's print obsession of foliage and tropical plants won’t be as life-altering as committing to a new couch or remodeling a kitchen, but there is a close alternative we love even more: bringing the outdoors in. Real or faux plants can achieve a refreshing new take on any room in the house. Mixing heights and varieties of plants will add some interest. The best part, you can easily move and replace any of your green decorations! 

mountain home plants
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#3 Metallic Accents

What is more easily adaptable than metallic accents?! From gold frames to silver lamps, this is one trend that will most definitely survive décor transformations. Part of the nod to mid-century style is the space-age revolution that presents itself as unique, geometric, and metallic. We love the application the most on light fixtures!

Photo from  One Kings Lane

Photo from One Kings Lane

#4 Rugs

We mentioned rugs before, but we’ll mention rugs again! Area rugs are a great addition to mountain homes. They provide an extra layer of insulation and comfort during the cold months as well as an ever-present layer of style. They are versatile. Dark hues of red and blue are our favorite – they help conceal pet and kid messes! But Persian and Morrocan rugs certainly have earned a spot as the staple decoration. With their popularity, comes more options. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your style and your home.

Photo from     M     azzi and Co

Photo from Mazzi and Co

#5 High Contrast Decor

All the current trends might sound like a lot to mix, but lucky for you the last trend we see is to live life on the high contrast! Mixing luxurious hues and textures with shiny metallic and indoor gardens is very easy – especially if you only choose a few statement pieces. Plants can hang from gold wire baskets above a forest green couch and velvet pillows. Have fun with it!

Photo from  Anthropologie

Photo from Anthropologie