Top 5 Real Estate Search Tools


If you’re looking to buy a house, we know it can be overwhelming. There are a million places to look and a million options to get distracted by. However, you shouldn’t stop searching because you’re afraid of taking a trip down the rabbit hole. We are here to help you narrow your online research down and to alleviate some of your headaches. One rule to stick to when searching is to stick to searching through only a couple of site for listing. The more websites you get involved, the more mess you have on your hands and the more stress you have. We suggest you stick to the following five search engines because of their user ratings, comprehension, technology, and certification.



Zillow has the hearts of homebuyers across the nation. It’s become the consumers’ favorite by the sheer number of listings, for both buyers and renters. But why we really like Zillow is it’s “Zestimate” feature. This feature gives you an estimate value of a home. While it’s not the official appraisal, it’s a great jumping off point to start narrowing down your options and being realistic about your search. Zillow, like Trulia and, gathers its information from multiple-listing services (MLSs) -- databases of listings compiled by real estate professionals.



Trulia stands out to us because of its lifestyle calculator. The company is owned by Zillow, however the two sites function a bit differently. Trulia smartly incorporates a community assessment feature that its sister site does not. Trulia will assess the education and community engagement of each listing by giving detailed demographic data and affordability price-points on a viewable map of the surrounding area into each listing. Let’s be honest, you’re investing in the neighborhood just as much as the house and Trulia will help you find the perfect neighborhood for your family.

Real Scout

Real Scout gets an extra stamp of approval from the KJM team because it’s the site that we actively use! Like Redfin, Real Scout puts technology first. Real Scout was born from the Silicon Valley and stays true to its techy roots. One way Real Scout stays ahead of the curve is by allowing users to store and share information within the site to collaborate directly with realtors. You can can save homes you’ve got your eye on and the realtor can see exactly what you’re looking for — hassle free. Just type in the city you are interested in below!

The unique selling point of is that it is backed by the National Association of Realtors. Besides the impressive certification, the site is useful for the detailed overviews of the local housing market, categorized by market trends, school ratings, current available homes and rentals and top-rated local agents. is also one of the oldest names in the internet home searching game, giving it street – and home – cred.



Redfin is an awesome site and a leader in online realty because of how technologically savvy it is. As well as offering an incredibly easy and precise database to use, Redfin was credited with inventing map-based search for real estate. This means that you can enjoy 3D walkthroughs of the homes listed from the comfort of your own home.