The Women Behind Truckee's First Female Co-Working Space


The Tributary Collective is Truckee’s first all-female co-working space. The collective was founded by Truckee entrepreneurs Jennifer Pearsall Kobert and Kat Schliemann after they both realized there was a huge void in the market, but plenty of interest. “Both Kat and I were working from home and wanted to connect with other like-minded, creative, professional women,” says Pearsall Kobert. “We couldn't find a place to connect, so we created one.” The Collective is more than just communal desks and WIFI, and these two women have big visions for how it can benefit the community.

From left to right: Kat Schliemann, Jennifer Pearsall Kobert, and Taylor Lorz.

From left to right: Kat Schliemann, Jennifer Pearsall Kobert, and Taylor Lorz.

Both women behind the Tributary run awesome businesses and both women found that they were missing something by working in solitude. Schliemann is the co-founder of Clear Unity Bags, a company taking a stand against gun violence by selling clear festival bags and donating a portion of proceeds to purchasing bleeding kits for first responders. Pearsall Kobert is the founder Sefte, a company that designs and makes bed linens and pillows. Ultimately, The Tributary Collective “started with a desire to get out of the house and be more productive,” say Schliemann.

Inspired by the incredible entrepreneurial spirit in Truckee (Schliemann explains it as “hardworking, self-starting, focused, and creative”), the ladies got to work creating a space that not only allowed them to get out of the house, but something that serves as “more than just a desk.” They got hooked up with a space in the Pioneer Center from Gallagher Construction. “I have been so grateful to Seamus Gallagher for inviting us (and our dogs) into his beautiful building,” says Schliemann. “He has supported our cause from the beginning. We wouldn't be able to make The Tributary Collective successful without him.”

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Because of their great vision (and unbelievable location), the Tributary has attracted many local entrepreneurs, including Andria Gutierrez, owner of Ideal Wild. “Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely if you are woking from home,” says Gutierrez, “so being in a co-working space alongside other successful women in the same position is incredibly empowering.” Gutierrez runs a boutique social media firm specializing in food, travel, and lifestyle. She believes that working in an office surrounded by women with diverse backgrounds is helpful for her and her business. “We are able to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other,” she starts. “Everyone has a different businesses in various sectors and because of our great skill share it widens my arena to be aware of new developments in business and culture.”

Pearsall Kobert and Schliemann practice what they preach; and their long-term goals are to help the community, as well as their members. “We are dedicated to supporting our community by promoting female business owners, producing networking events and supporting the pioneers of tomorrow,” says Pearsall Kobert. Right now, Pearsall Kobert and Schliemann are working with another local lady, Taylor Lorz, to achieve some of these goals. Lorz is helping create a women’s focused networking group, including a monthly Inspiration Series. “This is a small community that is growing rapidly and it can be hard to find ways to connect with professional women outside of kids and family,” says Lorz. “We are hoping to create networking event where women can not only interact with one another, but have the opportunity to share their professional successes and tips on being a professional woman in Truckee.”

We’re excited to see how the Tributary Collective will grow and evolve in Truckee’s business community (including turning the Tributary into a non-profit!), but for now we are happy that professional and entrepreneurial women in Truckee will have a strong network and space to work, learn, and grow.

The Tributary is dog friendly!

The Tributary is dog friendly!

As Schliemann explains it, “we bring people together to collaborate, network and encourage each other. Imagine your most motivated and helpful friends all in one beautiful space. That's us.” Pearsall Kobert adds, “we want to meet you. Come drop in and try out the space for a day.” Stop by to say hi to these inspirational ladies at the office or online on Facebook and Instagram. Keep your eye out for upcoming events in the space and drop by on Wednesdays for work and happy hour – no membership required!


Quick Fire

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe?

Jennifer: I love to trail running and mountain biking, but recently discovered skate skiing and have a serious addiction.

Kat: I like to golf in Lahontan. I would golf all day which is why The Tributary Collective works for someone like me.

Taylor: Skiing in the winter at Northstar or boating on the Lake on the West Shore.

Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Jennifer: Euer Valley

Kat: I love the benches along the Martis Valley hike.

Taylor: On the boat, in the middle of the Lake.


Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?

Jennifer: I love Drunken Monkey. Even my kids eat the sushi there.

Kat: Truckee Tavern makes the best drinks in town. Hands down.

Taylor: Philosophy. It's casual, and they have a great locally sourced menu.


Snow bum or beach bum?

Jennifer: Snow bum

Kat: Beach bum

Taylor: Snow bum


Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Jennifer: Skiing off the back side of Sugar Bowl with my husband.

Kat: Eating breakfast with my family at Jax.

Taylor: Either on the top of a mountain or in my bed. Depending on how Saturday went. :)


What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?

Jennifer: @sefteliving (shameless plug for my business)

Kat: @idealwild

Taylor: @visittruckee


Truckee is growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

Jennifer: New, insightful, creative people finding a home to launch new, insightful creative businesses. ;)

Kat: I feel proud and honored to be a part of the change in Truckee. There is a sense of responsibility that I bring to every business decision I make, knowing that we are positioned to define an area and attract more creative people.

Taylor: Excited to see new restaurants and shops come into town.